The Dog & Wolf – Humble Beginnings (Part One)

June 30, 2015 AdminLH General

It all started with a dog and a wolf. Namely, my dog Rory. A big silly Shar Pei,  who needed to be walked everyday. He’d had many a dog walker and they all came early in the morning… So…

Oh wait,  I better introduce myself first

My name is Louisa Herridge, I’m 40 years of age and currently reside in the city of Lincoln. I’m a bit alternative,  think and talk a lot, love nature, animals.and daily meditation.  I’m single but blessed with a lot of love in my life. From family and a few good friends  and of course,  my big silly 4 year old Shar Pei.  Just as a side note: Since birth,  I’ve had Cerebral Palsy. This means,  I use a wheelchair to get around. More recently, my left hip went bye bye. So now, I require daily care.

Fast forward to last year, when Rory and I met Joanne Key-Hill. What she did wasn’t earth shattering, but it changed the way I looked at the world around me. She simply suggested I tag along on the walks.

Now, I live for the warm hazy summer. I love and respect planet earth for managing to be so beautiful, despite the (largely) disgusting way humans treat it. Almost overnight, I have changed to an eco energy provider and cleaning products,  I recycle more diligently and have started taking steps towards composting.  Currently, our household is slowly moving away from using shampoos and most soaps (I changed to Castile liquid soap)  I’ll blog more about this soon.

Words cannot express the pride and joy I feel,  going about my daily tasks in harmony with the earth. My little garden is the prettiest on our row. We grow Parsley, Mint, Potatoes, Barfoot, Sunflowers, Clematis (A gift from Jo), Hebbe, (A gift from my brother) Lobelia (Rosamond), white Geraniums and Dahlias.(All gifts from my lovely friend Anna) I also have a bunch of seeds waiting to be started on.

This is where I am now. Where I plan to be in 15 years, is a life changing endeavour.

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